Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The mouth of the Bushmans River

The coastal Sunshine Coast town of Kenton-on-Sea is flanked by two tidal river, the Bushmans River and the Kariega River.  Normally the area is a quite and peaceful area until the summer holiday arrive.  That is when mostly inland holiday makers flock to the area with a lot of them bringing their boats to enjoy the river with.  The Bushman's River, on the western side of Kenton, is the 2nd-longest navigable river in South Africa and offers a 22km stretch of open water.  The river is ideal for water sports or just a leisurely cruise upstream.  What makes it even more attractive is that fact that most of it is unspoiled and undeveloped due to a number of game reserves along its upper reaches. 
A trip out to the area a week or two three ago gave me the opportunity to snap this pic of the river mouth.  I know it's not the most exciting picture, but it does show how beautiful the place is.

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  1. Joan and I camped around there. Was gorgeous but very windy.