Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hart Cottage at Glen Avon Farm

I told you a little bit of the history of Glen Avon Farm and the historic Glen Avon Watermill outside Somerset East in my previous post.  Glen Avon has a number of other old buildings on the property with the oldest being Hart Cottage.  Built around 1817, Hart Cottage is the only remaining of three of the original cottages built on the farm.  It's was painstakingly renovated and is being used as self catering accommodation for visitors to the farm.  In the background on the right is one of the farm's two old homesteads.


  1. Wish there'd been the interest in heritage when I was growing up. It would have been great to have visited with SM Hart and my Dad Cedric M Hart.

  2. I like the working farm stays. Did one in Ceres.