Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orchards and Kannas

Driving along the wine farms between Robertson and Bonnievale recently there were a lot of orchards with Kanna flowers growing between it and the road.  I know in some areas they plant roses next to the orchards to warn the farmer of deceases but I'm not sure if the Kannas are for the same purpose or just to look beautiful.  Because they did look beautiful if nothing else.


  1. Very pretty indeed !! We are motoring down to the Cape in two weeks time for a 10 days, to see my Mum and family - but will also do a spot of wine tasting! We're staying overnight at an Olive farm in Karoo (been there a few years ago - hope it's just as nice as it was)

  2. So beautiful! Envious of the blue skies :-)

  3. I must try and plant some cannas here, I used to love them in our garden over there. Keep well Diane