Friday, January 25, 2013

Vicky Davis

A couple of years ago I got to meet the stunningly beautiful actress and Pasella (a magazine program on SABC 2) presenter Vicky Davis on a Pasella shoot in Port Elizabeth.  I sneaked a candid shot of her which I posted at the time.  Late last year I got to be on another Pasella shoot with Vicky.  She mentioned that when she Goggles her own name my picture still often comes up so we decided that it was time for me to post another as an update.  At SAMREC in Cape Recife she was getting to know Agro the penguin a little better when I saw a picture opportunity.  And here it is.

*Sigh*  If only I was tall and handsome, not married and perhaps lived in Cape Town....
*pop* Just woke up and my coffee is cold.

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