Monday, January 28, 2013

Montagu's Cannon Hill

Kanonkop (or Cannon Hill) above the town of Montagu has a beautiful view across the town with this angle looking out over Montagu West.  The story goes that the original cannon which stood on this spot and dated from the 1800 was used at some stage for a salute of honor which went horribly wrong and caused a young man from the town to loose both his arms. The farmers then pushed the cannon over the edge of the hill. 20 years later it was retrieved to be fired again, but this time the whole cannon exploded and its spot stood empty until it was replaced by the present one. This cannon was taken out of the sea in Simon's Town in 1988 after spending over 200 years on the ocean floor.


  1. Interesting history! Great perspective :-)

  2. Great view. Seems like a bad luck area for a canon though.