Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sun dials

How many people still wear watches today? I stopped wearing one when I got my first mobile phone and it had the time on it.  But before wrist watches, cuckcoo clocks and grandfather clocks there were clocks that didn't go tick tock.  Sun clocks dials.  And that is the topic of my "Random ... " post today.
Random sun dials.

This sun dial can be seen outside the historic St Peters Anglican Church in Plettenberg Bay

The Klein Karoo gets lots of sun so I'm sure you can check the time just about every day at this sun dial outside CJ Langenhoven's house (now a museum) in Oudtshoorn.  Langenhoven's grave can be seen in the background.

I know I took this picture in Somerset East but for the death of me I can't remember if it was at the Dutch Reformed Church or at the Angler and Antelope Guest House.

The most unusual sun dial in the post comes from the town of Hankey in the Gamtoos River Valley.  It claims to be the biggest sun dial in the Southern Hemisphere and was erected by a local farmer in 1989.  The dial is 36,4 meters across and right next to the main road into the valley.


  1. I've solved your memory lapse, unless this was a trick question to see how observant we are. The third sundial featured was taken at the Afrikaans Church (given away by the NGK lettering on the dial face). The huge Hankey sundial is certainly looking to stand out from the crowd, isn't it? Thank you for a most interesting post :)

  2. I'm a big fan of sun dials and these are some fine examples... especially the huge Hankey one :-)

  3. I still wear a watch, with hands even. Maybe because the sundial is too big to carry around. These are all very interesting though, especially the last one. Nice randoms.

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