Friday, November 4, 2011

Spider in his wet web

Often when you go for a walk in the early morning you will see hundreds of little spider webs in the grass all covered in dew.  But have you actually ever seen those spiders?  I like to peek and have a look, always with the hope to get a photo of one.  And the other day I got lucky.  This little guy was sitting in the opening in the web, probably waiting for something smaller than me to come along.  He didn't hang around long enough to find out my intentions, but just long enough for me to snap one picture. Got ya!


  1. I love dewy spiderwebs. This is a lovely picture of web with homeowner.

  2. You were there at the right time for this great capture!

  3. Nice one! sparkling in the morning light - I like it! Don't like the 'homeowner' as Desiree put it, but his house is pretty!