Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pearson Conservatory

This post isn't supposed to be a reminiscent one, but I can't help by starting off with going back in time.  Ok, first way back in time and then a quick reminisce.  The Victorian style Pearson Conservatory in St Georges Park was opened on 12 September 1882 and named after Mr HW Pearson, the Mayor of Port Elizabeth at that time.  Twenty five / thirty odd years ago my mom used to have a stall at Art in the Park on the first Sunday of the month and I remember how me and my brother explored and played throughout St Georges Park.  I use to just loved walking through the conservatory.  Unfortunately the years weren't good to the old lady and recently it became time for a face lift AND a nip and tuck.

The Pearson Conservatory was reopened in September after the municipality had completed a R5,5million renovation of the building during which just about the whole building was taken apart and all the rotten timber was replaced and the steel structure treated and redone.  The original central fountain which was imported from the United Kingdom in 1882 still stands proudly in the centre of the conservatory.

The flower beds inside the conservatory has been replanted and although the vegetation isn't is as lush as it used to be yet, the flowers on show are breathtaking.  I can actually see how the conservatory could become a very popular spot for photographers with its variety of colours, lines and possible angles.  The "new" Pearson Conservatory is well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity of St Georges Park and looking for something to do.


  1. Did you always have that delightful drawing of a firefly on your header? Have I only just noticed? (Er do we have fireflies in South Africa?)

  2. I love this place and would really like to be inside that warm environment right now instead of huddling in front of an electric heater with a blanket and fingerless gloves.

  3. just magnificent! love the part about your Mom.. looks like artistic runs in your DNA!

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