Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A week or so ago we spent a weekend at Eersterivier in the Tsitsikamma. I hesitate to call it a village as it is nothing more than two rows of houses wedged between the beach in front and the hill behind. Eersterivier (picture above) and Skuitbaai (in the background of the picture below)next door has less than 100 plots each to avoid it being classified as a village.

The weekend's weather was gorgeous, the water turquoise (but for some reason freezing cold) and the place stunningly beautiful. The beach is also spotless. Its a gated area which means that you will only find residents (either owners or people renting houses for the weekend) on the beach. Thus no crowds.

A major feature of Eersterivier is the sandstone rocks and ancient sandstone dunes in front of the village. The sandstone is very sensitive and visitors are asked not to climb on them unnecessarily or to break them at all.

My mom grew up in the Langkloof on the other side of the mountains from the Tsitsikamma and she was telling us how they visited Eersterivier on weekends. In those days there were just a handful of houses, most of them nothing more than shacks. Today most of the houses has been extended and rebuilt, but there are still some of the original structures around.

GPS: 34° 4'16.96"S, 24°12'57.11"E


  1. Oh what a beautiful place! I could get used to living in a place like that and forget about the rat race. The quiet gentleness of the sea, slipping up onto the beach, long lazy walks with the crunchy sand beneath my toes - heaven!!

  2. Heavenly place! Look at that colour in the sea!! Wow - beautiful! You are so lucky having places like this close by. Ah yes .. as Janet said .. long lazy walks with sand between the toes .. !!

  3. That is some amazing looking water! Is it safe to assume there will be Drama Queen and Chaos Boy photos to follow? :-) (How could you resist.... Unless it was a kid-less get away with the Damselfly!)

  4. Thank you for showing us this lovely place. That whole coast is beautiful but that looks like perfection. I'm so jealous!!!

  5. This is my kind of place - not many people around.:)