Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eersterivier Rock features

The rocks at Eersterivier form a lot of interesting little coves and other features. This gully runs along the western side of the village and had lots of kids in it at low tide trying to catch fish with their nets. Next to is was the most amazing deep gully where we swam for most of the day.

In between the rocks we found this stunning spot to swim. At its deepest it takes you just below the shoulders. The only problem is that you shouldn't try entering the hole without shoes on because of the sea urchins.

Blow holes are always an interesting feature along the coast. There were three holes all together and every time the waves hit the rocks and causes the water to be forced up through the holes.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to spend a day!

  2. That is some awesome looking water! I'm at the coast for the week....rain finally stopped and it has warmed up-to 55F! Enjoy your warm water!

  3. Oh I love rock pools. The best place to swim - and so much to find!!

  4. where in the world is this? would love to take a holiday there.i ma actually planning a coastal road trip with my partner from Durban to Cape Town in October. This could be one of our stops...please let me know where it is.TOOO BEAUTIFUL for words...the creator is Great.

    1. Eersterivier is at the eastern end of the Tsitsikamma. Look up Oudebosch Farm Stall and contact Dewald there for more information.