Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vicky Davis

I am not much of a people's photographer and much rather prefer landscapes, nature and travel pictures. Last weekend I got to be part of a recording for the Afrikaans television magazine show Pasella. The insert on Port Elizabeth will be presented by Vicky Davis who most South African tv fans will remember as Tessa of 7de Laan. (If you want to know more about Vicky, read this article) Anyway, I got this awesome portrait shot of her during the shoot and although its a candid shot and not posed, its not bad for a guy who would rather look for a nice foreground to a stunning sunset than shoot people.


  1. Not bad at all :) The blue windows with white trim make a good background for her blue and white scarf and white blouse. I prefer candids almost always.

  2. That's a lovely photo!! I agree with Faye Pekas - the colours are perfect!

  3. Nice portrait!

    It's usually uncomfortable, but sometimes it's good to work outside of one's comfort zone.

  4. LOL>..*giggle*
    Who is she??
    Have I been out of SA for too long????
    Nice photo of this lady though.

  5. Hmmm! Mr Paparazzi - photographing the rich and famous! LOL! Lovely photo Firefly! Very natural - and what a lovely smile!