Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spot the difference

I took this pic in Soweto, Johannesburg a while ago and the more I look at it the more I think I should go out and try to take more of these kind of pics. The funny thing about the picture is that I keep on thinking I have to spot the difference between the two sides. So spotting the differences on the right:
  • there is a person standing in it
  • the writing on the window is different
  • Coke signs on the fridges
  • more drinks in the fridges
  • there is no bin

Maybe I play Spot the Difference on Facebook way too much. LOL.


  1. Nice one!!
    5/5 well done - do you have practice - sneeking into your kiddies rooms to 'spot the difference' in those kiddies activity books?

  2. Cool shot..... And before I read.... while looking that the pic I started playing spot the difference in my mind.

  3. one side is red , the other side is blue=0)

  4. I like it! It looks quite clean and no-nonsense!!

  5. Elke diertjie sy plesiertjie (-; Nice shot, maybe you should submit is to a games book!