Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sunset at the Qora River Mouth

Don't let the name of the Wild Coast put you under a wrong impression.  The Wild Coast isn't all rough and tumble with storms and shipwrecks.  It's also a place of beauty, untouched pieces of coastline, stunning river mouths, beautiful beaches, villages on rolling hills overlooking the sea and Nguni cattle on the beach.  I really wish I had the opportunity and time to go and visit it more often to see more of it than the two or three days I year I'm getting to do at the moment.  A month or so ago I got to spend a night at Kob Inn next to the Qora River mouth.  The first thing I did after checking in and dropping my bag in the room was to grab my camera and head for the river mouth.  What a spot! 

I headed back to the same spot a little later as the sun started flirting with the horizon...

... and although there were no clouds to paint to make a beautiful sunset...

... the one I got was stunning nevertheless. 

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