Monday, July 20, 2015

Takazi Waterfall - hidden on the Wild Coast

One of the first things I did when I knew I was getting to explore the Wild Coast a little bit was to check if there will be any Geocaches on the route I was going to follow.  Although there weren't a whole lot I made sure I saved those I would be able to do on my phone before hitting the road.  Driving along the gravel road to Wavecrest Hotel I had a look to see where the closest cache was and to my surprise it showed about 3 km down the road.  A short while later I turned off the main road to my right and followed that road for a kilometer.  I parked next to a stream flowing over the road and hopped out.  From here a path took me around the small gorge that opened up in front of me to a view point from where the Takazi Waterfall was visible.   

The Takazi Waterfall may not be one of the Eastern Cape's big and well known waterfalls, but it still was a sight to behold.  I could also imagine what it must look like after good rains.  My point though is that I would never have known about this waterfall if I wasn't a Geocacher.  There was no sign at the turnoff nor where I parked.  The waterfall isn't even marked on a map.  I would have driven past it barely a kilometer away if there wasn't a Geocache placed there.  A Geocache which, I have to add, I unfortunately couldn't find. But that could be a very good excuse to return some time in the future for another look.  A would love to revisit Wavecrest again anyways.


  1. Our Wild Coast Horse Trail rides to here from Wavecrest - especially when there has been a lot of rain!

  2. What a lovely spot. Have a good week Diane

  3. What a lovely spot. Have a good week Diane