Monday, July 6, 2015

Wavecrest sunrise

The Wild Coast is literally just a couple of stone skips away from where I am based in Port Elizabeth, yet except for quick visits to Morgan Bay and Trennereys I've never explored it properly.  Some people even told me that those are situated on the Mild Coast and that I would have to venture further north to be able to properly say that I've been to the Wild Coast.  In May circumstances allowed me to spend a few days doing just that while I was on my way to Tourism Indaba in Durban.  I spent my first night at Wavecrest Beach Hotel and got up just in time to catch the sun rising over Nxaxo River Mouth.  Now that is how a day on the Wild Coast should start.


  1. Wow! That is stunning :-)

  2. After seeing only a tease of the Wild Coast I want to return for more explorations, and some sunrises like this. Nice shot!

  3. The silhouettes are so beautiful in this splendid sunrise colours.