Monday, May 11, 2015

Red Dragonfly

Even though I am known as Firefly, the Dragonfly must be my favorite insect.  A long weekend at Sitrusoewer next to the Sundays River near Kirkwood had me spending a lot of time on the water in a canoe and I was amazed at seeing how many dragonflies and damselflies there were.  I got this picture of a Red Dragonfly and decided to see if I can find out what it is called.  I never really found the answer to my question.  I did find this out.  There are in the region of 750 species of dragonfly in the whole of Africa.  Most of these are found in the tropics.  In South Africa there are 158 species, 90 of these being ‘true' dragonflies and the other 68 damselflies.


  1. Gorgeous shot! Did you check Joan's site for an ID?

  2. OO Jonker, this is fabulous!! Good Luck they bring =)

  3. Perfectly captured! And a lovely storyline to accompany your image.