Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Table Mountain

I have a special affiliation with Table Mountain.  If I haven't been to Cape Town for a while I miss it like you miss a loved one.  When I do visit the Mother City I can't take my eyes off her... it... erm... the mountain.  One would swear I'm having an affair with her. So what if I do?  Anyhow, I usually try and visit Table Mountain every time I'm in town, even if its only for a trip to Signal Hill.  I wish I had time to hike up Lion's Head or the table itself while in town or just had the bucks to go up the cable car every time. This last trip I stayed in Tamboerskloof so at least had an early morning walk along Table Mountain Road, but in general Signal Hill it will have to be.


  1. It's a toss up to be on Table Mt or looking at her.

  2. And THIS is a perfect example of why you won your award! Stupendous image and heartfelt words.