Monday, December 1, 2014

Karoo Riverbed

A couple of months ago I spent a night at Ganora Guest Farm outside Nieu Bethesda.  What an amazing place!  Although I didn't have a lot of time but did get to do a tour of JP's Fossil Museum.  Unfortunately I didn't get to go and see the rock drawings on the farm.  Before heading into the village for the meeting I was there for I took a walk down to the river just below the homestead.  If it wasn't for my appointment I probably would have just plonked myself down on a rock and drank in the environment for an hour or two.   Being late winter there were no leaves on the trees and the grass was brown from severe frost they had during a particular cold snap but that still couldn't detract away from the true beauty of this part of the Karoo.


  1. Lucky you. I loved the Ganora Guest Farm, even if I didn't get to stay there, and JP's fossil collection is awesome. Would love to spend more time there.

  2. Beautiful place! I would love to visit the fossil museum :-)