Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Going nowhere slowly

Just west of Patensie, travellers through the Gamtoos Valley will find the Padlangs farm stall.  It's a favourite with both visitors and the locals and I really have to do a post on it one day, but that day is not today.  Outside the farm stall visitors would find the remnants of transport methods used in the valley in the past.  Parts of an ox wagon and an old bakkie (a Chev perhaps?)
I placed a couple of Geocaches in the valley on one of my visits and the bakkie is one of my cache locations.  Finding the cache is a good excuse to stop and stopping is a good excuse to go for a meal or something cold on a hot day at the farm stall.  Across the road from the bakkie you can see the citrus trees that the valley is so famous for and a couple of the trailers used to transport the citrus to the co-ops.

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