Monday, December 9, 2013

You can't help but smile when you watch a penguin

One of the things that Libby Sharwood at the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre (SAMREC) in Port Elizabeth always say is, "You can help but to smile when you watch a penguin." 
The African Penguin is highly endangered with only just over 20 000 breeding pairs left in the world, most of these right on my doorstep on St Croix Island in Algoa Bay.  SAMREC does an amazing job both in the care and rehabilitation of birds that come to them as well as with the education side through schools and visitors (both local and international) that visit the centre.  They do need people to do so much more than smile though.  They need people to act and the easiest way to act is to visit SAMREC as every cent made through the entrance fees collected goes straight back into penguin conservation at the centre.  Even better, adopt a penguin or sponsor one of the solar panels for their Penguins go Green project.

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  1. Libby is right. Hope the island penguins are doing better than when I visited.