Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ultimate Braaimaster inspired steak

To braai or not to braai? What a stupid question to ask most South African men.  Braai of cause.  South Africans' love for braai has led to a reality outdoor cooking (on coals) show called The Ultimate Braaimaster that airs on SABC 3.  Their motto is, Come rain or shine or wind or snow... we braai.  Enough said really.  Even though I haven't got the cooking skills to enter it myself the show is a source of inspiration for my own braais.  One of these inspirations came from Jacques and Nadia of team Good Better Braai who replaced cheese sauce with a melting Camembert in one of the latter rounds of the competition.  I just had to try it.  Medium t-bone, mushrooms fried in my little black pot over the coals and Camembert cheese wrapped in foil to melt before going onto the steak.  Served with oven fried potato wedges and fresh salad.  My mouth is watering all over again.  Think I should go and light a fire.  

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  1. That looks delish. I can attest that you are an excellent braai master.