Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yawn and Snarl - World Lion Day

Today is World Lion Day.  It's the first global campaign to celebrate the importance of the lion world wide.  People tend to be very aware of the plight of animals like the rhino, the gorilla and the African penguin due to their vulnerability, but very few know that it won't take much for the lion to be in the same situation.  The king of the jungle is probably the most iconic of the animal species and have over the ages fascinated man, guarded our temples, adorned our flags, decorated our coins and been a symbol of strength. 

Yawn and Snarl is Matt and Kalahari at Kuzuko Lodge


  1. Such majestic animals. I always look forward to a possible sighting in South Africa.

    1. People get very excited when they see lion in the wild, specially Americans *wink*

  2. Fabulous photos of a magnificent animal!
    And now I have 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' going around in my head....