Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blue Crane

The Blue Crane is South Africa's national bird and its always a pleasure to see them in the wild.  They normally live in pairs and nest in grasslands which means that many end up occupying agricultural areas.  You often see them driving along the N2 through the Overberg where they feed on seed and insects on the fields.  Unfortunately due to poisons used by farmers on their fields a lot of these birds are killed and due to this the species are classified as vulnerable.


  1. They are such regal birds! Always lovely to see flocks of them in the Overberg :)

  2. We have seen a small family of 3 as we drive to Wellington. Parents and leggy teenager.

    Enjoy your holidays and have a very happy Christmas!

  3. A very majestic bird. Too bad about the chemicals. If it ain't good for the birds it can't be good for us either.