Friday, December 2, 2011

Aliens amongst us

Do you believe in Aliens?  Arnie took on the Predator, Sigourney fought the Alien and then the two of them (the Alien and the Predator) clashed with each other.  But do they really exist?  Looking at the picture above I would say that the answer may just be yes. 

The other day our general assistant at work came running into my office babbling on about this thing she saw outside and that I must take my camera to get a photo of it.  I barely had time to grab my camera before she dragged me outside and showed me the biggest Praying Mantis I have seen in my life.  She stood as tall as my coffee mug and now that I think of it perhaps I should have taken along my mug to put down next to her.

So next time you are out and about wondering if there are such things as aliens, don't just look up into the sky but also down at your feet.


  1. Really good photos there, I love to see praying mantis but never seen on that big


  2. I think insects will one day rule the world... when we've wiped ourselves out!
    Superb pics :-)

  3. That thing is HUGE!!!! Yikes! We have them here as well but I've never seen one longer than about 2". That first photo is amazing. And does indeed look like something out of a Sci-Fi film...Scary!

  4. Wow, thats the stuff of nightmares! :)

  5. We have hundreds of Praying Mantises living in our garden, but none anywhere near as statuesque as this colourful specimen! Ours are also all green. What a discovery and your pictures are marvellous!