Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Russell Road Cemetery

No I'm not weird. I just like to explore old cemeteries. I've wanted to go and have a look around the old Russell Road Cemetery for so long and just never made the time. So the other day I decided to put on my Indiana Jones hat and headed over there for another of my grave yard exploration trips. The Russell Road Cemetery is one of the older cemeteries in Port Elizabeth and is situated on the hill side between Central and Richmond Hill. Some of the graves date back to the early part of the 19th Century.
The most significant grave in the cemetery is the white one in the middle of the above picture. It belongs to James Langley Dalton who was a survivor of the Battle of Rorke's Drift and the recipient of a Victoria Cross. (see post here)

Unfortunately due to its age as well as vandalism in the past, there isn't a huge amount of graves still visible in the cemetery. Some time in the past the municipality has taken the grave stones that has fallen over or that was broken off and cemented them flat (horizontally) into place over their graves. At least its one way of stopping the stones to be damaged more.


  1. Nice post - interestingly I have a portrait of Joseph Crowe of Uitenhage who was also awarded the Victoria Cross.

  2. It's really too bad about the vandalism. I like the rusty fence design as much as the headstones.

  3. Reminds me of the one very small cemetery I pass a few times a month. I've been wanting to photograph it for awhile now, too. I guess I better follow your lead and go get it done, eh? Cheers!

  4. What a shame that graveyard has not been kept up...!

    Rorke's Drift was the battle that was featured in the wonderful movie "Zulu".

    You do live in an interesting country.

  5. I think vandalizing cemeteries is about the lowest thing anyone can do but I guess there is no more values in some people anymore.

  6. the floods also played a part in damages to the grave yard