Friday, September 24, 2010

Insect skin

On our camping trip at the end of last year I found a few of these shedded insect skins on the trees around our campsite. I've been meaning to try to find out what kind of insect it is, but just hasn't gotten around to it. I am sure either Joan or Zane would know. Perhaps I should ask them. Mmmmm.... Or perhaps they would see this post and comment about it...


  1. That is a way cool find. Hope one of our bug experts can ID it.

  2. Hi Jonker

    Sorry I have really been overworked and taking photos - just not posting them.

    I know that the dragonflies are breeding out in droves at the moment - that is no dragonfly at a guess - the exuvia looks different to that of a dragonfly (normally has a hole in the top of the thorax where the bug climbs out.)

    Maybe Joan can provide the answer!

  3. The skin looks like a cicada exuvia, Jonker - my best attempt at identification.

  4. Looks like what ya got there is the remnants of a real live bug of some sort.

  5. Zane is right Jonker, it is the carapace of a Cicada. It is them that make such a constant whirring sound at night which seems to go on and on.

    When they moult from a juvinile to and adult they climb up trees and leave their skin behind. In some specieas, it takes years to reach that age.