Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Lizard

We have quite a few lizards (mostly Tropical House Geckos) who live around the house and although the Damselfly isn't always too comfortable with them coming in the house, we know that they catch unwelcome insects like mozzies. I found this baby gecko the other day and unlike his adult relatives, he sat still for me to get a photo.


  1. Sure has Big eyes. The better to see the mozzies, which I'd be happy to have eaten by this cute little lizard.

  2. It is hard to keep them still for photos. We have the common wall lizard in our house occasionally, rarely do they keep still long enough for photos. This little chap with his big eyes is cute. Diane

  3. Isn't he a cutey pie! We have loads of them too. Such gentle creatures, reminding me of pre-historic times!