Sunday, October 25, 2009

St Francis Bay canals

I had to go to Cape St Francis a week or so ago for a work thing and got the opportunity to go on a boat trip on the St Francis Bay canals. Unfortunately it was heavy overcast and the pics wasn't as clear and bright as I wanted them to be. Here are just two to show you what the place looks like.
In 1954, Leighton Hulett sold his sugar farm in Natal and arrived with his family at their new farm, "Goedgeloof". They went on to set up a fishing camp. As the camp became more popular, it became busier, and drew more people to the area. In 1956 he began the second phase of development in St Francis Bay. He mapped out 51 plots on his property to form a township, and the first homes were built by Leighton.

It was his insistence on a certain amount of uniformity that gives St Francis Bay its' unique character that it is so well known for today! His instructions, which is still attached to any title deed of properties on what used to be his land, was that all houses had to be white with a black roof. Hence most houses has a thatched roof. In 1968, he began work on a canal development named "Marina Glades". The initial system took eight years to complete and was completed in 1976. Today the marina is one of the most successful marina developments in South Africa and properties on the canals are very sought after. Houses range in price from R2.5 million ($335 000) to R10 million ($1.34 million).


  1. Looks like a well thought out and beautiful community. Nice idea he had.

  2. Lovely - but never been :(
    It's on my list of "100 places to see before I die"
    Like your moss in previous post - lots of lush moss like that in the Drakensberg forests

  3. Such a pretty place. I have also never been, but will make the effort next time we're in that neck of the woods. Isn't it amazing how people leave a wish in their will and it is stuck too. A wonderful way to keep a memory alive! I do like your "mossy" post too Firefly - that is most unusual and very pretty!

  4. It always reminds me of California when I see it. This is still one of the most beautiful places along our coast.