Friday, October 23, 2009


Its been a while since I've done a "Random theme" post. Today's is Random Moss.

Old Man's Beard is found in areas where there is absolutely no air polution. It hangs from trees and is often seen in areas like the Tsitsikamma forest.

A closeup of some lush moss growing on a dead tree trunk which is in constant shade. Its is soft and fluffy to the touch and I imagine home to many bugs and spiders.

You know how they say a rolling stone gathers no moss. We'll, this one isn't round thus doesn't roll.


  1. I find myself in awe of your plant life!

  2. Looking at the mosses and lichens is like shrinking to an inch tall and walking in a rain forest. That Old Man's beard is much like the Olympia Rain forest in Washington State. Nice captures.

  3. Living in Limpopo, but loving the Cape, your photos are such a treat. I would love to do a tree top safari (or whatever it is called) in the Tsitsikama forest, but whether I'll ever get to it... who knows?

  4. Who would have thought moss would have made such wonderful photographs. Perhaps it is the photographer...! :-)

    The one in the middle almost looks like a type of cactus.

  5. I have a mixed feling for moss. I both love it and don´t. Strange!

    Great images though.