Friday, September 5, 2008

Good ol' Church Fate

Tonight we had our annual kerk basaar (church fate). It normally is a big occation with everybody streaming. Most popular are the pancakes. People stand in long lines to get what I call church pancakes. Not like the one's I make at home. No, each one is perfect. The men have been braaiing (barbecueing) since early afternoon and hamburger patties, sosaties (kibabs) and boerewors (farm style sausage) are sizzling over the coals. The cakes have been baked, the pudding made and the change counted. The children want to go to the play room to play the games on offer and try to win prizes. If not the play room, then you will find them on the jumping castle, ride the quad bikes or standing in front of the sweets table. The teens are standing around the corners chewing on something they got inside and the elderly are occupying any available seat. All and all, it is a very traditional affair which is the same every year, yet so different than the year before. Maybe because my kids are bigger every year and experience the whole basaar in a different way each time.

A little collage I put together using Coral Draw. I don't have all the right programmes to do these things, so Coral Draw will have to do for now. Mmmm... I feel like another bowl of pudding.

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  1. I love these local "do's", we have one coming up this Sunday and weather permitting I will try and get up there to see whats going on and hopefully grab some pics. Great set of shots that really gets the flavour (excuse the pun) of the whole event over to the viewer.