Saturday, October 3, 2015

Karoo koppies - Koffiebus and Teebus

The flat top koppies (mountains) of the Karoo is as part of this arid region of the country as windpompe, Angora goats, Karoo lamb, flowering aloes and big open skies.  Two of the best known Karoo koppies are the Koffiebus and Teebus south of the town of Steynsburg.

 The word "Bus" means pot in old Dutch as the hills are said to look like the old teapots and coffee pots of the early Dutch Settlers.  This means that if you had to translate, let's say, one of the names, the mountain would be called "Coffee Pot" or "Coffee Caddy".  I really enjoy driving this particular road, the R390 between Steynsburg and Hofmeyr, when heading back to the coast from up north.  Perhaps for one specific reason. Stopping to take a photo of the koppies.


  1. I was really drawn to the openness of the Karoo.

  2. My family and I lived at the foot of Teebus koppie for two and half years during the construction of the Orange Fish Tunnel. This was 1970-73 and a wonderful experience.