Monday, February 2, 2015

Daggaboer Farmstall in the Karoo Heartland

About 50 km south of Cradock on the way to Port Elizabeth and the cool breeze of the coast, is one of the Karoo Heartland's most popular farmstalls.  Daggaboer Farmstall is one of those "you just have to stop and try their goodies" spots and was voted the WEG & GO! travel magazines' best farm stall in South Africa in 2011.

According to their website they are best known for their
• Cheesecake, lemon meringue & milk tart
• Crunchy koeksisters, millionaire’s shortbread, fudge & Turkish Delight
• Homemade Ginger Beer & Lemonade
• Best quality handmade sheepskin slippers
• Mohair knee blankets, scarves & socks
• Lavender linen sprays & aromatherapy gels
• Famous Kokskraal jewelry & other quality gifts.
• Roasted Olives, Dutch Cheeses, pure honey & pecan nuts grown in our valleys
• and many other pleasant surprises, spices, sjoe-sjoe sauces, curried beans & chutneys
I know all of that is a mouth full (literally and figuratively) and I can't vouch for all their products, but I have to say that the last time I passed there the temperature was flirting with the early 40's C and their chilled home made gingerbeer and lemonade both went down very very well.


  1. I love to stop and snack at the Farmstalls. Probably drove right by this one last year. Darn it.

  2. I'd love to sample their melk tart and koeksisters :-) Yummy!