Tuesday, August 7, 2012

White lion

Don't you want to just cuddle up to this big furry mane and fall asleep with him?  White Lions is quite a rare sight and the only Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape where you can see them in the wild is Pumba Game Reserve (which I hope I'll have the opportunity to visit some time soon).  The second option to see them is the Seaview Game and Lion Park just outside Port Elizabeth where the park has a breeding program for white lions.  This bug guy's name is Thor and on my visit he wasn't really in the mood to get up out of his sunny sleeping spot.  Not that I think he would have been too impressed if I slid in next to him for a snooze. 


  1. Ahh sleepy head!!! Looks like the kiddies had fun on their outing!!

    Thanks for your comments - it was a fantastic holiday. Would recommend Trafalgar Tours. As I said, we were apprehensive about the whole bus and tour thing but it was amazing. We were on the go the whole time, saw so much and the tour director was excellent! At each stop .. would give us specific directions to toilets, good places for light meals for lunches, choccie shops, or places with specialities of the region. We would definitely do another tour again!

  2. No wonder he's called the King of the Beasts!

  3. I stayed at a B&B in Seaview and would have enjoyed curling up with this big boy.