Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pink Vergelegen

One of the wine estates in the Western Cape I've always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity before was Vergelegen in Somerset West.  Earlier in the year I was in the area and pinched off an hour of my time to pop in for a look a this historic estate established by Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel in 1700.  I'll do another post about the estate in general, but wanted to show off these two pictures of the old Cape Dutch style manor house seen from the garden which, on my visit, had the most beautiful pink flowers in bloom. 


  1. Beautiful photos! It's a gorgeous place.... went for lunch there years back :-)

  2. Very lovely. Love you composition too!

  3. Excellent!!!!!!!! No word verification.. That means I can comment regularly again...don't know what it is about that program and using a mobile platform but I could never get it to agree with what I types in.

    1. I dropped the word verification because it's a bit of a schlep to comment with it and it does put people off. But I have also found that the spam filter is much sharper now and non of the spam comments containing websites are making it through.

  4. I adore the single shot!! the color!! omg!

  5. The flowers are superb. I believe I got lost on a detour in West Somerset and found nothing.

  6. Pretty ! Great photo with blossoms in foreground and that gorgeous building in the distance! My Mum loved the gardens at Vergelegen - I took her there everytime I went to visit. I believe the Camelia Garden is spectacular now .. we saw it when they had just planted lots of new young plants amongst the larger ones.