Sunday, November 7, 2010

Protea bug

When I was doing a bit of research for the post on Pin Cushion Proteas, I found the following information: "Proteas aren't self-pollinating and depend on the small scarab beetles and the birds for pollination."  Now I don't think this little dude sitting on the King Protea is a scarab beetle, but if he does the job who am I to question what he's doing there.


  1. He sure is tiny Jonker but he does a great job wiith helping to pollinate the plants.

  2. The world would be a miserable place if it were not for all these tiny creatures that work so hard!! Diane

  3. If ever you want an insect identified, send it to the SA Museum - all the info on their website This dude does look like a member of the scarab beetle family - which is a huge group that includes fruit chafers and dung beetles.