Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farm fence

On my trip to Graaff Reinet we stayed at Buffelshoek Farm Guesthouse. The guest house is on a farm about 15km outside Graaff Reinet. Even though Graaff Reinet is a quiet place, its nice to get away from the whole city life thing and stay a couple of nights on a farm. Quiet nights with no lights around to spoil the view of the stars, the only sound being the frogs by the dam, no cars driving past all the time, fresh air, coffee with rusks on the stoep at breakfast... and so I can go on. It was awesome to get up early in the morning and taking a walk around to get some pictures in the early morning light. More to come from the farm over the next couple of days.

For some reason I seem to have a thing for barbed wire these days. See here and here.


  1. I am attracted to rusty metal and like the barb wire and fence. The farm sounds like a nice place to relax.

  2. Barbed wire makes for some interesting photos, and you've got a good example of that here.

  3. I'm going to try again! I like these. The barb wired attracts my eye too Gaelyn! There is something fascinating about it - how strong it is despite being out in the elements, rusting - becoming more lethal! Nice photos Firefly!

  4. Is Janet also having a problem getting onto your blog?
    OMW, I am!!! It clicks onto it, then I can't scroll down .. I get lines, lines and more lines. No computer whizz here so have no idea how to fix it!
    Anyway .. love your photos .. love the colours, the calmness (even the barbed wire!) .. very country!
    Can almost smell the country air!