Monday, February 13, 2017

Camping in the Drakensberg

The general holiday question is always, BEACH or BUSH?  I will probably choose bush over beach 7 out of 10 times but that's because I live on the coast.  It's also because I love getting away to a forest, the bush, a game reserve or the wide open spaces of the Karoo.  Although I feel you can group all these things into the BUSH category, something is definitely missing from that question though.  MOUNTAINS, definitely mountains.  The question should be BEACH, BUSH or MOUNTAINS.  This past December holiday we chose mountains and went camping at Mahai in the Royal Natal National Park in the Northern Drakensberg.  The year has started out a wee bit busy so my posts featuring Mahai and the Drakensberg has been a bit on the slow side to flow out the keyboard, but watch this space...

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