Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Warning: Buffalo Crossing

South Africa's roads have many different road signs.  Some you see everywhere and sometimes you get those who crop up and make you do a double take.  When it comes to people and animals on the road there are quite a few.  Pedestrian crossing signs.  Warning signs for cattle, tortoises, children, poth-o-les (I'm not sure what a poth-o-le is and what it looks like though.  Must be some kind of nocturnal animal), kudus, cats and even penguins.  I have even seen signs with elephants on public dirt roads through game reserves and signs with dung beetles in Addo Elephant National Park.  But seeing a Buffalo warning sign on a tar road was a first for me.  The Buffalo Warning sign is situated on the R63 outside Graaff-Reinet where the road runs through the Camdeboo National Park.  Camdeboo is home to Cape Buffalo and they apparently often cross the road on their way to the dam to drink water.

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  1. You do have a wide variety of unusual signs in South Africa. My personal favorite is the "Pot holes ahead" sign when there's already more potholes than pavement.