Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fort Peddie flowers

A little while ago I stopped by Fort Peddie on my way from Port Elizabeth to East London and discovered this historic site while hunting for a Geocache.  The thing with most travelers is that they are so focused on the big things that they often miss the little ones.  In this case the big things were the old tower and the cavalry barracks which I both went to have a look at.  The former to find the cache and the latter because I wanted to see it as I was there already.  I noticed these pretty purple flowers growing outside the old stables and the staff working in the office nearby must have had a good laugh at me crawling around trying to get a nice pic without catching my own shadow.


  1. Beautiful photo! Glad the geocaching is giving you lots of photo ops... my hubby has been really getting into geocaching lately too, and I tag along for the walks.

  2. Let 'em laugh. It's a great shot!