Saturday, September 27, 2014

World Tourism Day - Nothing more fun than a Sho't Left.

September is Tourism Month and on 27 September every year we celebrate World Tourism Day.  Tourism is one of South Africa's biggest export products and with that I mean its something that brings foreign tourists and thus also foreign money into the country.  Tourism is an important player in our economy as it creates a job for every 12 tourists visiting the country.  But I'm not here to talk about the economy. 

Over the last couple of years SA Tourism has started to focus more on promoting travel in South Africa to South Africans and they do this through the Sho't Left campaign.  South Africans love to travel but many aim to go overseas.  Why?  Right here in South Africa we have pristine beaches and coastlines, incredible mountains, magnificent open spaces, epic views, interesting small towns and world class game reserves. Our urban culture has as much to offer as our nature and it really doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  Yes, there are many places that cater for the international market at prices us South Africans can't afford, but there are also many more that caters for ordinary South Africans like you and me.  For a start, check out the Sho't Left deals page. 

What is a Sho't Left?  A Sho't Left is a short break away, usually possible over a weekend, only a couple of hours from home.  More than a day trip but less than a week long holiday.  Something like the Cape St Francis area in the photo.  Only about an hour or so from Port Elizabeth.

Nothing is more fun than a Sho't Left from PE as seen in this Sho't Left campaign video.

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