Thursday, August 14, 2014

Siblings - Chaos Boy and Drama Princess

When I first started blogging I decided to give my family their own blog identities as to not use their real names online.  The mrs became Damselfly and the KidZ was hence forth known as Chaos Boy and Drama Princess.  Over the years these names have became part of them to the extent that they chose to go as that in the world of Geocaching as well.  So many people now know them by those names and always want to know how they got them. 

Chaos Boy is the oldest and is 12 years old.  When people first meet him he is quiet and subdued and it makes them think that he is the absolute opposite of what his name suggests.  What people don't always know is that even though he is an introvert, he also has ADD and this usually comes out when he is in a familiar environment.  Like home.....  He's room is, well, a boys room and a minefield for anybody trying to walk in there in the dark.  You need to tell him a thousand times to brush his teeth, throw his clothes in the wash, do his homework, and, and, and.  All typical kids stuff, just enhanced.  He prefers to watch tv and play games over going outside, but is in his element when we are out and about on our travels.  Sharp as a bread knife and highly intelligent but a struggle to get him to focus on studying.  That is why I decided on Chaos Boy.

Drama Princess is 9 years old and in many ways the opposite.  She is highly competitive, loves sport and is an outdoors gal.  She would rather go out geocaching with me than sit and watch tv.  She is also a typical girl and can over exaggerate just about anything to try and get what she wants.  If I had a rand for every time she nearly died of thirst because she wanted a cold drink while we are out...  She is truly a drama queen, just younger.  The original Drama Princess.

The two of them are also typical siblings who just love to hate each other.  They can play together in peace one moment and the next moment its the start of World War III.  But they are the perfect travel companions as they are always open to new experiences, visiting new places and doing things.  This past weekend we wanted to go away to the Tsitsikamma but Drama Princess got an invite to a hip hop party which made us decided to cancel.  Something then came up that meant I would have to do some work combined with going away and I suggested that we ask her if she would rather go to the hip hop party (in which case I would have gone alone) or if she would want to go on the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour (which I could organize).  I am happy to say her priorities are right.  She absolutely loved the canopy tour.  I'll do a post about it soon.

   I snapped the pics on a weekend Shot Left to Hankey that we did a couple of months ago


  1. You are fortunate to have such wonderful kids, chaos and drama. I'm sure they both LOVED the zipline.

  2. Beautiful pictures, my son is also 12 years old, very good blog, always something interesting to read. Greetings from Poland where autumn is slowly coming.