Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cattle on the Wild Coast beaches

The Wild Coast was one of my last two unexplored Eastern Cape frontiers (the other one is the North Eastern Cape around Rhodes) and I got to do a trip through and explored for two days (more is needed as there is so much I need to go back to see) recently.  One of the things I hoped most to see were cows on the beach.  Yes, you heard me right.  Cows enjoying the sunshine and sand of the Wild Coast beaches.  At Mbotyi I saw some off in the distance but arriving at Second Beach in Port Alfred a small heard was chewing their cud on the sand a couple of hundred meters away.  I headed straight over with my camera in hand.  Clearly they are used to tourists taking their pictures cause they didn't seem very bothered with me playing paparazzi.

Now I can hear one or two of you ask what the cattle are doing on the beach.  Ticks and fleas apparently do not like the salty sea air. The cattle (a mixture of Nguni cattle and cross breeds) come to the beach on their own accord and sit whist the little critters remove themselves from their hosts.


  1. those are AMAZing pictures and a wonderful back story. Going to add a link to yours from my Nguni post.

  2. Now THAT is something you do not see every day! Great pictures and very interesting about why they like being there.