Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wild berries

Have you ever picked up how some people can go through life without noticing the little things?  Often this is the same story when you take a group of people on a hiking trail.  Some people would just do the walk to be out in the fresh air, some would enjoy beautiful views and scenic attractions and usually a small percentage would notice the details.  A succulent with a tiny little flower, a buck spoor in the soft sand, a butterfly fluttering by or wild berries on a bush like the ones in the picture.  These berries presented themselves on a walk along the Maitland Trail in Port Elizabeth.  Unfortunately I never took note of what the guide said they were.  I was too busy trying to get a good photo.

UPDATE: According to PlantZAfrica its a Tortoise Berry (Skilpadbessie) -  Nylandtia spinosa

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