Thursday, July 17, 2014

Port St Johns' Second Beach

Port St Johns. Scenic. Cultural. Rustic. Authentic. Rich experiences. Unspoiled beaches, Rugged coastline. Natural beauty. The backpackers' party town of the Wild Coast.  Port St Johns at the mouth of the Mzimvubu River really is an iconic town and covers all of that and more. Looking at the picture of Second Beach you could easily mistake it for a tropical island somewhere.
One word of warning though.  If you want to swim at Second Beach, don't go too deep into the water.  The beach has recently been named one of the most dangerous beaches in the world after the eighth person in 5 years lost their life in a shark attack here.  Zambezi and Bull Sharks are found along the coast and in the Mzimvubu River and is especially active if the river has been in flood so rather stick close to shore and obey the life guards at all times..

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  1. Mzimvubu Nature Reserve is on the list for next visit. But I'll stay out of the water.