Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Goukamma River

On my way to Cape Town recently I decided to grab a couple of Geocaches, one of them a cache called Back Stab Bridge just west of Knysna.  The cache was situated close to the turnoff to Buffels Bay next to the old road and took me to this beautiful spot. And that is where the caching reference to this post stop.  While cars were flying by on the N2, I could stand on the old bridge and enjoy the beauty of the area while snapping a couple of pictures.

The Goukamma River flows past this spot down to its mouth at Buffels Bay.  Goukamma is a named from the Khoisan word for “dark waters”.  The dark color of the river water originates from tannin picked up in the forest through which the water passes.  The river is ideal to paddle on while getting in touch with nature and on a warm late summers morning looked very inviting.  Unfortunately the long road to Cape Town (along with a couple more Geocaches) were calling.

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  1. Looks like the geochaching is taking you to some awesome places :-)