Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Climbing The Point at Natures Valley

I'm starting to plan all my trips and holidays not just around what I want to see and do, but also around where there are Geocaches in the area.  If you don't know much about Geocaching then you would wonder why and how it could enhance a holiday, but believe me it does.  It often takes you to spots you may not have planned to visit otherwise but once you've been there you are really glad you did.  One of those on our recent visit to Natures Valley was The Point.  The Point is situated on the eastern side of the Natures Valley beach where the Otter Trail comes out with a magnificent view of the coastline.

At first the Damselfly wasn't too keen to climb to the top with the KidZ and I, but relented in the end and tagged along.  Although its quite a steep climb its not too difficult with steps aiding you most of the way.  We had to keep telling the KidZ not to get to close to the side as they were flying up ahead of us, laughing at their unfit parents huffing and puffing behind them.  Looking back as you climb higher and higher you start to realize that you will be in for an absolute scenic view treat once you are at the top.

Before we knew it we were there and turning back this was the view waiting for us. WOW! Through and through worth it and highly recommended to anybody visiting the Natures Valley area.  Even the Damselfly couldn't help but to agree.  Oh yes, and I did find the cache which has been up there for 12 years already making it the oldest cache I've found so far.


  1. Wow! The first and last photos are breathtakingly beautiful!
    My hubby has dabbled in a bit of geochaching in the UK... it's a fun way to explore the countryside :-)

  2. I'm going walking in Nature's Valley next month and am definitely doing this one, steep or no steep!

  3. A most awesome view. You have more ambition than I.