Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meandering on the Sacramento Trail

The Sacramento Trail is probably Port Elizabeth's most popular day hike around the city.  The hike starts in the village of Schoenmakerskop and follows the coastline to Sardinia Bay over a distance of 4km before returning along the bridle trails on top of the vegetated sand dunes.  The 8km trail includes beautiful bays and coves, stunning views and even a little bit of history.  The trail is named after the Sacramento, a Portuguese galley carrying a cargo of cannons, that wrecked along the coast in 1647. 72 survivors made it to land and started walking the over 1000km to present day Maputo in Mozambique with only 9 making it there alive.  The bronze cannons were discovered and salvaged in the 1970's with one of them placed at the start of the trail in Schoenies.


  1. Next time I'd like to hike at least some of that trail. I remember the canon.

  2. Another activity to add to my ever growing "Things to do when next in SA" list...

    1. You must let me show you around PE when you are in the area

  3. Fabulous photo!! Love the openness of it !!

    Interesting trail (looking at the pics from following blog post)

    Thanks for your comment on my Italy trip :) As I said, am hoping to share our experiences as I did previously but E's wedding and the sewing I have to do will take up most of my free time (didn't want to add a comment to the post as I don't want too much known to our guests - I will probably have to make the 3 bridesmaids dresses as well as making Erin's dress and metres and metres of bunting, plus other bits and pieces I have to make. Also making the cake !!!) Busy busy me !! BTW - after the wedding we are taking our Colombian friends to Leopard Mountain Game Reserve and then onto Cape for a short Cape experience!! Terry's wife Paola has never been to Africa and is dying to see 'real' animals!