Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marilyn's Diner in Storms River

When one visits a small village or town you often expect some kind of quaint little restaurant or coffee shop and not necessarily a place filled with Cadillacs, 50's & 60's memorabilia, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and painted pink for added impact.  This is exactly what we encountered next to the Tsitsikamma Village Inn on our visit to Storms River Village.  Walking into Marilyn's Diner is like being whizzed back in time to a period of rock and roll, bold colours, chrome, neon rimmed signage and good times (although slightly before my time).

The owners have gone all out to create a restaurant that mirrors their passion for the time and their icons, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.  Everything in there could just as well have been right out of movies like Grease.  Walking through I saw everything from juke boxes to "Cadillac seats" and pictures of the King of Rock everywhere.  The one section of the restaurant even has a couple Caddies and Chevy's on display.

Family Firefly popped into Marilyn's after a long walk (long as in 4 hours covering about 11 or 12 kilometers) through the forest and had Sundaes and ice creams all around.  The perfect "meal" to have in such an unique place.  Next time I'll try their burgers.


  1. Looks like the type of place my mom would enjoy.... her era :-) I will try and find it when we are in that area next March. The sundaes look delicious!

  2. I love Storm's River but I am sure we never found this diner, I will have to return one day. Have a good day Diane

  3. Storms River is a cute town but I really didn't explore it. But next time I'll at least try some ice cream there.

  4. What a fabulous place! LOVE those seats! And the sundae looks delish! Got to give that a try when we're in the area! A real Diner - guess the team from Grease weren't there that day :)