Friday, March 16, 2012

Noordhoek beach

Cape Town, the second largest city in South Africa, has a rural backyard.  "Huh?" you ask.  The Noordhoek area on the Cape Peninsula is about 30 minutes from the city centre, yet it has a country town feeling to it with farms, small holdings, charming little shops, restaurants and bars as well as lots of open spaces.  The showcase of Noordhoek is the 8 km long unspoiled strip of sandy beach stretching from the foot of Chapmans Peak all the way to Kommetjie.  Unlike most of the other beaches around the Peninsula the Noordhoek beach isn't bordered by massive expensive developments and rather by wetlands and coastal fynbos. 

 Noordhoek beach starts on the northern side just below the world famous Chapmans Peak Drive and stretches away towards Kommetjie and the Slangkop Lighthouse in the distance.  If there ever was a beach where you can just go and walk and walk and walk then this is it.  Ideal for those looooong romantic walks.  Just don't choose to go on a windy way like we did cause I can guarantee you will turn around very quickly.  Although it was windy on our visit the sun was baking down, but any thoughts of going for a swim was fast forgotten when I walked into the water. C-c-c-old.  But its the Atlantic ocean after all and the Atlantic Seaboard of the Cape Peninsula is famous for its cold water.

The one thing you will just about always see on the beach at Noordhoek are horses.  Because the area are surrounded by a number of farms and small holdings with most of them having stables, the beach has become a popular spot for rides.


  1. Gorgeous! We got marrried in Noordhoek... in a beautiful lodge that may in fact be the one seen with thatched roof in your first photo!

  2. Those endless beaches look so inviting. I really liked that area and Chapmans Peak. But it was windy when I was there, so no beach walking for me either. Horse ride would be fun.

  3. Those top 2 photos are gorgeous.....

    and of course....

    I LOVE the photo of the riders on the beach!