Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Viljoensdrift Wine Tasting

While visiting the town of Montagu we didn't really venture through Cogmanskloof into the Robertson Valley area and rather explored our immediate surroundings.  One morning we did decided to venture through the kloof with our camping neighbours and ended up at Viljoensdrift Wine Estate near Bonneyvale for a river cruise on the Breede River. 

We had about an hour or so to wait (or waste, which ever word rocks your boat) before the cruise departed so while the women and children sat out on the deck, Bertie (the neighbour) and myself decided to have a closer look at the wines that the estate has on offer.
I'm not a big wine drinker, not by a long shot, but I really enjoy wine tastings.  Sometimes I can pick up the fruity (or chocolate or chili or whatever else) fragrances and tastes that they say you are supposed to taste in your mouth, but being somebody who prefers a sweet wine I often just try not too pull my face.  Viljoensdrift has a couple of very nice wines with my favorite being, surprise surprise, their dessert wine.


  1. Don't know red from white, but chocolate sounds good. They really put that in wine?

  2. Glad you had the opportunity!! My son was never a wine drinker either but has acquired the taste now and loves it. You'll get there too! I suppose though, he hadn't a choice as we are all wine lovers!!! The way to enjoy a good red is to have a really really good one first and then you can compare plonk from superior. The same goes for whites. Although everyone has their own tastes - life would be rather dull if we were all the same :)